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About Us – Male Whisperer

What is Male Whisperer All About?

Male Whisperer was created by Empress after many years experience dealing with the concerns of men. Empress offers guidance and strict accountability coaching programs for men that seek to improve their life, get fit, get focused, cut out addictions to femdom and humiliation, or who perhaps need financial management.

She has a strong moral compass, and an eccentric no fucks given attitude for those who wish to continue behaving like betas.

If you don’t join the accountability program, you don’t wish to invest in self growth, there is the Cult of Empress option that she offers.

This cult is for those that seek to be of service financially and do admin tasks.

Choose your path wisely, as there are very few that offer you transparent no bullshit advice, a womens perspective, and allow you to become the best version of yourself.

Melbourne Accountability Coach